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How to become more lucky in life

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a webinar with the Grow Good Guy, Tim Jones. If you ever get the chance to see him talk – take it! Tim introduced Professor Richard Wiseman, a widely published experimental psychologist. Professor Wiseman’s studies reveal that how to become more lucky in life is not something that happens to us, but something we create. There is a fundamental difference in the approach to life between people that feel lucky and people that feel unlucky, according to Wiseman’s research. Unlucky people generally believe in the power of fate and that building a happy life is out of their control. Lucky people in contrast generally work hard towards realizing their goals and ambitions and often succeed because of it. People that feel lucky are generally open to opportunities that present themselves along the way whereas “unlucky” people simply don’t see the opportunities right in front of their eyes. If people want to become more lucky in life, there are simple steps that they can take to start change their luck.

This became evident during an experiment, in which lucky and unlucky people passed the same bill boards and read the same magazines which advertised huge opportunities. The “lucky” people investigated the opportunities advertised whereas the “unlucky” people simple did not see them. Professor Wiseman concludes that “unlucky” people are generally fearful and anxious and this narrows our perception of the world so that we might miss many opportunities.

Take action today to keep your mind positive and open to opportunities! If you are endangered to go down the path of an apparently “unlucky” person, there several things you can do to become more lucky in life. According to Professor Wiseman, starting a diary to record all the things you could be grateful for can already change your perception of luck.